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На автомобиле по Норвежским фьордам

Вик, Согнефьорд, Фломсбана, Чoсфоссен (Kjosfossen), Гудванген,Нейрофьорд, ледник Бриксдайл, церковь (Hove steinkyrkje), церковь Хопперстад (ставкирхе Hopperstad) 

What to bring as a gift from Zimbabwe

In general - there are no special gifts in Zimbabwe.

Regular souvenirs are sold mainly in the gift shops at the hotels.

Prices in these stores are very high, and he souvenirs should rather be called "African" and not Zimbabwean.

Here you can find all kinds of stylized masks, little things made of animal bones, feathers or skins - key chains, belts, necklaces, hair clips, pens, etc., as well as pillow cases and clothes embroidered with African patterns.

But still - What is it that you can bring that would be typical of Zimbabwe?

What to bring as a gift from New Zealand

Even the most organised journey is interfaced with hard to manage great number taking important decisions: what to take along with ourselves, how to get dressed, which amount of money assets will have to be expended for ourselves and, of course, - how many to spend for gifts. 

What to bring as a gift from Panama

In Panama, you can purchase a variety of fine products made by local crafts. The most famous are the "Molas" - vibrant local cotton fabric, decorated with abstract paintings. They are made by women of the tribe "coon".

Crafts from western regions and from the Azuero peninsula produce an extensive range of pottery, masks, leather and sombreros.

What to bring as a gift from Poland


The most beautiful souvenirs can be purchased in the "Sukiennice" (i.e. Cloth Hall or Drapers' Hall) of Krakow ( Cracow), and also in Gdansk at St. Dominique's Fair passing annually in August.

From Gdansk also can be brought a miniature copy of ship "Dar pomorza" (that means "the gift of Pomerania . It is one of the largest sailing-vessels in Europe, which is moored there.

What to bring as a gift from Slovakia

The main thing that needs to be brought from Slovakia - mass of impressions of the surprising nature. Only it is required to know where to travel, taking into account tastes of a traveller. Here are very affable, cordial and friendly people easy and pleasant in speech and communication. You will be met here with openhearted hospitality. It is a lot of tourist routes here both in High and Low Tatra Mountains and in other mountain regions. 

Что привезти в подарок из Австралии

Из драгоценностей наибольшим спросом пользуются знаменитые австралийские Розовые опалы (гордость австралийцев) и ювелирные украшения из них: часы, кулоны, перстни, серьги

Цены в мелких магазинах обычно выше, чем в больших универмагах