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Что привезти в подарок из Коста Рики

Самые популярные сувениры из Коста Рики –кофе и ром

      Кофе дешевле всего покупать в супермаркетах. Но лучше в специализированных или даже больших сувенирных магазинах. Стоит обратить внимание на марки Dota и Doka. Самый вкусный получается из зёрен средней или сильной обжарки. 

      Бакарди Резерва это эксклюзивный 16-ти летней выдержки ром. Продается только в специализированных магазинах. Очень хорош сливочно-кофейный ликер "Кафе-Рика".  

What to bring as a gift from the UK

English tea - can be found in every supermarket.  To buy exotic varieties - go into special coffee stores Whittard of Chelsea. Packages can be selected with souvenir plot, in the form of a red London bus, for example.

English cheddar - can be found in every supermarket. . Even the cheapest is still delicious.  Choose a vacuum pack - it will well stand the night without a refrigerator. There are other varieties, Lancashire, Gloucester,and Cheshire. There are  also other good hard cheeses. Stilton - cheese with mould.

What to bring as a gift from Spain

Each region, every province of the Spain is something unique and does not look like other regions. Indeed, Spain is the most diversified country in the Europe: there are various as a landscape, flora and fauna, as cities with their inhabitants having own traditions. Every region has its own centuries-old history of development; therefore north from the south and one province from another are strongly differing.

Folk creativity and handicrafts

What to bring as a gift from Turkey

Souvenirs and works of Art

 "Nazar" or evil eye stone (Turkish: nazar boncugu )  - is dark blue flat eyes made of glass, Turkish talisman that is meant to protect against the evil eye. Nazar is usually worn as a pendant on neck, or it is used to decorate beads and bangles; and big disks can be hung even on walls of houses above an entrance. 
Osman miniatures, ceramics, wares made of copper not only will adorn a house, but also can become an excellent gift for friends. 
Hookahs of various designs are also available.

What to bring as a gift from Portugal

Sacral objects from Fatima

Located in west central Portugal, in the region of Leiria and approximately 110 kilometers north of Lisbon, the small town Fatima is one of the most visited Marian shrines in the world today. Fatima is famous for the religious visions that took place there in 1917.

Швеция - Оребро и окрестности озера Ваттерн

Оребро, озеро Ваттерн, Вадстена, Вадстенское аббатство, Гренна,Линшопинг,  Кафедральный собор, Старый город Линшопинга